Tattoo is an art. It is an art for the canvas of human being.
Tattoo is not uncommon thing now. We can see many kind of Tattoo in the world.

Tattoo is not uncommon thing on my life.
My father has Tattoo. My brother has tattoo too.
It was not big change for me.

One day in summer, I had Tattoo.
One day in winter, I became Tattooist.
It is my life.

hOur life with Jesus Christ.h


Sue Caz H.

Date of Birth

February / 1st / 1967

My son and Musashimaru OHANA means family.

MAHALO! Yokozuna AKEBONO. hh
AKEBONO and I We are Islanders. And OHANA.

MAHALO ! Hawaiian Wind.

" Great Native American "

I dedicate it to my grandfather "Smith".

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